Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Penis Does Math

Wyatt told me this morning that his penis is smart. He said, and I quote: "My penis is smart. He has a 7 out of 7 on the intelligence scale. He helps me with my homework."   Wow.

So I asked: "Is he better at language arts or math?"  And he answered: "Math."

"What's 5 times 3?" I asked this question knowing that Wyatt's class hasn't tackled multiplication just yet.  I figured he might turn to his penis for some advice.  I kind of wanted to witness how that might go down.

Instead, he answered straight away.  "We haven't learned that yet. But it's 15. He doesn't know the answer but I do."

I'm glad he doesn't rely on his penis for everything. Yet. But given the scale and scope and dimension of his obsession, I suspect I'd better brace myself for the day that the penis takes over entirely.  I just hope that when that happens, and he talks to it as he does now about basic addition and subtraction,  that he tells it to stay in his pants until college. Knowing that is unlikely to happen, I'd settle for late high school.  Wishful thinking?

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